Cryptocurrency Beginners Course

Cryptocurrency is the era of decentralised money and digital finance. Explore and learn everything about this field from beginning to end.

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Know about what does this course cover.

6 Days  -  Average 1 hr/day

12 + 1 Modules

Learn from the basics of blockchain to start trading in cryptocurrencies.

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1. Blockchain

  • Learn about the basics of blockchain technology. How it started, what's the usage, and how it is used in cryptocurrency.

2. Cryptocurrencies

  • Learn the basics of cryptocurrency, how it is formed, how it is used, and more.

3. Cryptocurrency Exchanges

  • Learn about exchanges. What are they, the use of exchanges, and the different types of exchanges.

4. Cryptocurrency Wallets

  • What are wallets, types of wallets like hardware, software, phone, etc.

5. Cryptocurrency Mining 

  • Understand what's mining, how it works, and its usages.

6. ICO and Token Sales

  • Learn about what is an ICO, its type, and how to determine whether it's safe or not.

7. Opening Trading Accounts

  • After covering up the top 6 modules and understanding the basics, you will now proceed with practical implementations by opening trading accounts on different trading platforms.

8. Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

  • Get started with buying and selling cryptocurrencies on trading platforms. Learn about the market, buy orders, sell orders, filled orders, pending orders, and more.

9. Start Trading Cryptocurrency

  • It's time to go a bit more in detail and start trading. Learn about limits, stop limits, triggering price, stop losses, leverage, contracts, and make your first trade.

10. Charts

  • Understand the very basics of charts, candlesticks, and how to use them.

11. Key Things to Keep in Mind

  • Learn about pumps and dumps, how they are planned, how FOMO works, how to avoid huge losses and more.

12. Keeping Cryptocurrency Secure

  • Your crypto is highly valuable, and its most essential for you to keep it secure from hackers, phishing websites and avoiding scams. Learn everything about security related to cryptocurrencies in this module.


  • How to maximize your profits in cryptocurrency.

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Varun Goel | Founder, CEO at Todayq

With decentralization & complete transparency for each & every person, blockchain is the leading innovator in the internet world. A big example of cryptocurrency defines it's potential. The way money is decentralized, has been made secure, and is accessible by anyone/anywhere shows the upcoming change in the finance sector. The potential of blockchain & cryptocurrency is way more than we have yet imagined. Connect with Varun Goel >>

What Course Enrollees Say

Avinash Sharma

Best cryptocurrency course for a beginner. The flow of the course is simple to understand with practical videos & implementations. Well, I have completed 7 modules till now and already learned a lot about cryptocurrencies.


Great cryptocurrency learning course, I will surely recommend it to those who are completely new to this field. The course is simply designed and can be understood easily without any prior knowledge.

Madhav Jain

Varun sir has easily let me understand everything about cryptocurrencies. I had lots of doubts in my mind regarding cryptocurrencies but after enrolling in this course they just flew away. Thank you.

Nitin Chawala

I faced a bit of difficulty while starting as I am completely new to this field. However, after 2 modules I started understanding the usage and working of cryptocurrencies & even blockchain.

Rohit Arora

The only thing I loved about this program is that its core is practical implementation so that we can start trading. Well, I loved that this program has cleared my basics first and then practical implementations.

Noiki Funto

The program is so interesting. The only thing I would request is to add subtitles in videos as well. But overall, it's worth enrolling in this course.

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Cryptocurrency Beginners Course 

6 Days - Average 1 hr/day

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CODE OF CONDUCT & IYCL COMMUNITY AGREEMENTS OUR POLICY We are providing a virtual experience and that can come with some limitations. We are doing what we can to address these limitations through additional personnel support s in the room in the form of a tech support person and other individuals to In order to address these limitations, we have drafted a code of conduct that attendees must commit to upholding during our time together. We intend to to create a space and temporary community that provides learning and engagement in the following ways:

Our conference is dedicated to providing a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. If you engage in offensive behavior or harassment, you will be dropped from IYCL sessions effective immediately and will not receive a refund. Harassment is any unwelcome conduct that might reasonably be perceived to cause offense or humiliation to another person. Harassment does include personally abusive verbal or written comments related to a person’s identity (gender, age, sexual orientation, abilities, appearance, race, ethnicity, religion or lack of religion, technology choices, etc.). Harassment does include behaviors that demonstrate deliberate intimidation, unwelcome sexual attention, following/stalking or sustained disruption of activity. Behaviors that are not considered harassment are those that arise from a relationship of mutual consent. Harassment does not include disagreements on ideas, practices or frank discussion of controversial topics. – YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE IYCL COMMUNITY – I commit to not harassing other conference members. If I am told my behavior toward another is harassment I will try to listen and own the consequences of my actions. IYCL COMMUNITY AGREEMENTS Here are some guidelines for IYCL sessions and forums: ACKNOWLEDGE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INTENT AND IMPACT Sometimes people say or do things that cause harm, even when it is not their intention to do so. But when we use our good intentions to deny (or avoid being accountable), more harm can be caused. In a global conference, it may happen that something we say can be misunderstood or misconstrued by someone from a different social, cultural, or political context. By acknowledging that intent and impact of our actions are two different things, a simple apology can take away any negative impact we may create. – YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE IYCL COMMUNITY – I commit to acknowledging the gap between intent and impact. NO ONE KNOWS EVERYTHING; TOGETHER WE KNOW A LOT We believe that each person has something to contribute to the conversation. We ask that you practice being humble, share what you know, and look for what you can learn from each person in the session. – YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE IYCL COMMUNITY – I commit to sharing what I know and leaving space for others to share what they know. WE CAN’T BE ARTICULATE ALL THE TIME Often, we hesitate to participate for fear of “messing up” or stumbling over words. We want everyone to feel comfortable participating, even if you don’t feel you have the perfect words to express your thoughts. Here is the place to try things out. Even if you “mess up,” we can work on the language together. – YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE IYCL COMMUNITY – I commit to participating with acceptance of my own imperfections and the imperfections of others. BE AWARE OF TIME Please respect everyone’s time commitment, and refrain from speaking in long monologues. – YOUR COMMITMENT TO THE IYCL COMMUNITY – I commit to focusing my comments to avoid long monologues.

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If you engage in offensive behavior or harassment, you will be dropped from IYCL sessions effective immediately and will not receive a refund.

Who is hosting Improvising Your Creative Life?

About SME In 2018, three creatives came together and found a common connection through improv comedy. They met at Katie Goodman's "Improvisation for Life Certification" retreat. While their focuses differ, Sloane (applying improv to creative writing) Mary (applying improv to bias and oppression), and Erica (applying improv to be more mindful and confident) connect on a desire to apply improvisation to deepen creativity. Thus, Improvising Your Creative Life was born!

What is your mission statement?

Improvising Your Creative Life Mission IYCL’s mission is to support opportunities to connect with fellow creators and innovators, generate creative confidence, empower artists to express authentically, and inspire motivation to keep creating. Through experiential applied improvisation exercises artists will write their story, mindfully address bias and increase self-awareness, and overcome the fear of failure so they feel confident to step up and take their creativity to the next level.

What is your refund policy?

Full refund if attendee cancels before EOD (end of business day) April 3, 2021. No refunds after April 3, 2021 except in illness/life/death circumstances in which case email us at No refunds if you do not attend the day of the event for any reason without notice.

Are there sponsorships available?

We have limited sponsorship tickets available. People paid full ticket price so someone else could; some people added on in check out to support someone else’s ticket If you want to join the IYCL retreat but are unable to do so due to finances, please email us at to learn more about our sponsorship tickets.

Have we not convinced you to join us? Well don’t take our word for it, here is what some of our past workshop participants had to say about their experience with us:

Sloane Miller “Sloane’s workshop opened me up as an artist and reminded me that my writing should be fun! Sloane established a safe, supportive, and encouraging space. There was absolutely no pressure and I left feeling renewed and once again excited about my art. I’d highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to regain the joy and inspiration that originally drew them to their art.” — Sarah Doneghy, Writer, Performer Mary C. Parker “We could have not done this without Mary! Mary brought so much to this program and exceeded all expectations. Her expertise in dialogue facilitation and anti-racism work was invaluable. Anybody who gets to work with Mary in the future should consider themselves very lucky." - Michael J. Popovic, Coordinator for First Year Connect Program, SUNY Potsdam Erica Towe "Erica Towe brought so much energy to the session and was able to bring everyone along no matter what the comfort level was for each participant. We had nothing but rave reviews from our attendees!" -Brenda Peterson, Women Leading Montana Convening

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COPYRIGHT: Downloading, printing, or otherwise using the Workshop Materials for personal use in no way gives attendees any copyright or ownership rights in the Workshop or Workshop Materials. NO WARRANTIES: The workshop, materials, benefits, and information provided through the workshop is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, and SMC and coach make no warranty of any kind, imprlied or express, as to its accuracy, completeness or appropriateness for any purpose. IMAGE RELEASE: Attendees hereby assigns the COMPANY the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the attendees or in which the attendees may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising, educational and any other purpose and in any manner and medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same without restriction. The attendees releases all claim to profits that may arise from use of images. IMAGE RELEASE OPT OUT: If attendee wants to opt of this release, attendee is responsible for turning off attendee’s camera and changing attendee’s camera and changing attendes’s user name in Zoom. PARTICIPANT IMAGE RELEASE: If attendee volunteers to participate in an on-camera exercise, IYCL is able to use your image in the above way and that you can revoke that right at any time via an email.

Who is Improvising Your Creative Life for?

Anyone 18 + who considers themselves a creative, innovator, or artist and who is looking for connection, inspiration, and new tools to expand their creativity tool kit.

What are your rules of play?

I - Play to your highest INTELLIGENCE Y - Take care of YOURSELF C - Practice CURIOSITY & CONSENT L - LISTEN

Cryptocurrency Beginners Course